How to extend and populate a CI class in SCSM 2012

A fairly common requirement from customers is to extend work item or configuration item classes and pull values from other systems (like Active Directory or some database) and put it into a new property of an existing class. Service Manager is very extendable and has some great feature to help you with that. To achieve … Continue reading How to extend and populate a CI class in SCSM 2012

Inside Management Packs

Have you ever wondered how the Microsoft shipped management packs actually work? There are a couple of ways to look inside the Management Packs (MPs) and understand how they are actually working. Although you need a bit of PowerShell to get a glimpse inside the MPs, it’s worth a look… Note: the code below only works … Continue reading Inside Management Packs

Management Pack Authoring Options

Since the release of System Center 2012, there has been a bit of confusion about the authoring options to create your own management packs. The biggest problem with the System Center release was, that there were new authoring tools announced but they were not released until recently – a couple of weeks later after the … Continue reading Management Pack Authoring Options

Change Service Manager Connector Schedule

I’ve now heard from multiple customers that they want to better control when their Service Manager connectors are running. For whatever reason, Microsoft didn’t really include a UI to control the schedule of most connectors, except for the SCCM and SCOM connectors. What if you want to control the schedule for the Active Directory connector, … Continue reading Change Service Manager Connector Schedule

System Center 2012 Service Manager (RC) Self Service Portal Installation

This blog post is basically the continuation of my previous blog post which describes my installation experience of System Center Service Manager (aka SCSM) 2012 (Release Candidate). In SCSM 2012 the self-service-portal, which can be used by users to log an incident or submit a service request, is now SharePoint based. Again, since this is a LAB … Continue reading System Center 2012 Service Manager (RC) Self Service Portal Installation