Generic Tasks in Operations Manager

A while back I’ve created two quick scripts which allows you to execute ANY command (batch or PowerShell) on one or more remote agent(s). In this post I will share those two scripts, the ready to use management pack and a quick guide on how to use it.  The goal for this management pack is to provide a way … Continue reading Generic Tasks in Operations Manager

Use SharePoint Wiki as SCOM Knowledge Base

This is a longer blog post, so please bear with me. Read on if you are interested in how to create a truly useful knowledge base for Operations Manager which offers a lot more than the built-in knowledge management. I’ve done this a couple of years ago for some customers based on Microsoft Office SharePoint … Continue reading Use SharePoint Wiki as SCOM Knowledge Base

Our first Dashboard Widget for SCOM 2012 released the first SCOM 2012 dashboard widget extension for SCOM 2012: Web View Widget Management Pack This weekend I had a little fun with SCOM and the new dashboards. Brian Wren posted a little (actually a huge!) guide on TechNet (including the files) about writing/authoring custom dashboard widgets. It wasn’t that easy because some parts of the guide didn’t … Continue reading Our first Dashboard Widget for SCOM 2012