A Fresh Start

A Fresh Start

December 28, 2023 General Blog Community

This is the first blog post on an “old” blog. It’s a fresh start. I got rid of all the old content and started over. Now focusing on something different: more C# and more UI - specifically AvaloniaUI.

Old Content

In the past, I used to blog about monitoring (System Center Operations Manager) and topics around DevOps. I ran the System Center User Group in Austria for 10+ years, also helped organizing conferences and spoke at conferences around the world. I’ve been a Microsoft MVP for 10 consecutive years.

My previous web site was wordpress based and kind of a hassle to maintain. I decided to start over and get rid of all the old content. If you are one of those 3 people on this planet who still is interested in ancient old System Center related content, please use the wayback machine to look it up.

New Content

A couple of topics I plan to address here:


I’m not only ditching all my old wordpress based content, I also use a different way to publish my web site and blog posts. I’m learning to use HUGO and might share a couple of things here.

C# and .NET

I love the language. I love the fact that it became available on almost all the platforms I care about.


Avalonia is my UI framework of choice. It’s considered the successor of WPF. Since Microsoft wasn’t really able to pull off a decent UI framework in years, Avalonia seems to check all the boxes for me.


I know that WinForms is quite old but it’s still relevant and I still use it a lot. Thanks to a great 3rd party eco-system, you can write decent Windows apps. Royal TS for Windows is such an app and I’m really proud of what I’ve accomplished.

The Rest

There may still be the one or the other DevOps related blog post. Maybe also something around PowerShell or other languages and frameworks.


To be honest, I don’t know what to expect. I do have plans to write once a week or at least every two weeks. Let’s see how it goes…

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