System Center and PowerShell Breakfast

Summer is over. SCU conference is over. Ignite conference is over. And now, our first User Group Breakfast is also over and it was great!


This was the first time we organized our user group meeting on Friday morning as a half-day event. We had almost 20 attendees and 4 presenters (me included). At 8:00 the organizers met @ the Microsoft office in Vienna to prepare the breakfast (kindly sponsored by our PowerShell UG leader Roman Stadlmair from rconsult! and perfectly set up by Mike from timewarp). At 9:00 we started with our presentations but first we discussed our re-branding to join Experts Live and their community brand to get better recognition and benefit from various opportunities, including the organization of bigger events.

There was also a reason to celebrate! Roman Stadlmair received his first Microsoft MVP award and got a great gift from Microsoft:


Her received an ancient book about PowerShell 2.0!

Impressions of SCU 2016 in Berlin

Alexander David Enenkel was the “lucky” winner of the free SCU ticket we gave away earlier this year and we asked him to do a “small” presentation to our UG.


It turned out that Alex had his first public speaking gig at our UG meeting and he really impressed me and all the others with his very detailed, entertaining and insightful review of his experience at SCU 2016 in Berlin.

Patrick Wahlmüller, one of our long time supporters and co-organizer of many of our System Center and PowerShell UG meetings, also talked about the SCU event and about his visit to a User Group in Germany.


Patrick had also some interesting insights, especially the tag-cloud he created by just copy/pasting the SCU Agenda in a tag-cloud creator tool.

DevOps Patterns and Anti-Patterns

I also had the opportunity to “test-drive” one of my new talks I plan to do at various future events. It was still kind of rough – like a “beta version”.


In my presentation I talked about DevOps in general (what it means or should mean) and about a couple of my favorite patterns and anti-patterns. I took these (anti-)patterns, which are well known by software developers, and “translated” them to the DevOps world.

PowerShell 5

Our newest MVP Roman presented very cool stuff found in PowerShell 5. He showed how classes can be used, all the powerful debugging features included in PowerShell (even without the ISE!) and showed us how PowerShell (Core) for Linux is installed and used.


Around noon, when we were done with all the sessions, we finished up the breakfast buffet and had some great discussions.

Big thanks to Microsoft for providing the facilities, to Roman and rconsult for sponsoring the delicious breakfast and to Michael Seirer from for taking great pictures with my new shiny toy, the Sony A6300!

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