System Center User Group Meeting in Linz

It’s been a while since I blogged here. Since I’m now more involved in local System Center related communities, my online presence is not as strong as it was – but that’s a good thing! I really enjoy working in my local communities.

Yesterday we had a System Center User Group meeting in Linz. We had 16 attendees and great content.

Patrick, who kindly provided the rooms and beer, kicked off the event by introducing the User Group and he also mentioned upcoming events (like the SCU Texas simulcast in Vienna).

Our initial sponsor Base-IT canceled last minute, so we lost one slot about OMS and we also were at risk of starving to death 😉

Since I’ve done a presentation about OMS back in June, I jumped in and talked a bit about OMS and showed some of the new stuff as well as the mobile app.

One thing impressed me: in my talk back in June I had a slide about the roadmap of OMS and now in November, every single item on that roadmap is already in the product! Things are moving really fast…

Second slot was about JEA from Roman Stadlmair. I really enjoyed his presentation because it was really step-by-step and not only showed how it actually worked, he also shared his experience and the lessons he learnt.

The third and last slot was about the product “”. Alexander Becker demonstrated their product which provides a unified UI for patch management spanning across SCOM, SCSM and SCCM.

Afterwards, my company jumped in again and sponsored Pizza and some Beer to prevent anyone from starving to death…

Thanks again to Patrick and BBRZ for providing the room and for hosting this event!

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