Service Manager 2012 Self Service Portal not working (blank)

My last two blog posts:

SCSM 2012 Installation Experience


SCSM 2012 Self Service Portal Installation

showed how I installed SCSM 2012 RC in my lab with a minimum set of hardware/software.

The last bit of the self-service-portal didn’t really work. The setup finished successfully but the portal didn’t work. The links were there but the content is missing. As it turns out the setup wasn’t correct and I’m experiencing SSL certificate issues (btw. the setup didn’t really complain).

After reading that Technet piece, I began to understand the issue. And here’s how I ‘ve resolved it:

1. Create a correct certificate

The first issue is, that the self-signed certificate I used in my lab installation wasn’t matching the computer name. I used the default certificate which came with the OS installation during the setup but it turns out that is a show stopper.

The certificate needs to be issued to the exact same name (FQDN) of the web server(s), which are running SharePoint and and the Web Content Server. Since I’m running both on the same server, I just need one correct certificate.

Unfortunately I have no CA at hand and I don’t want to install one. So let’s create a “correct” self-signed certificate using IIS manager.
Open the “Server Certificates” feature in the IIS manager:

Once opened, click on “Create Self-Signed Certificate” and enter the FQDN of the server:

2. Change Portal Application Setting

Go to the “Service Manager Portal” web site and double-click on “Application Settings”:

Edit the SMPortal_WebContentServer_URL setting and ensure you also have the FQDN of the content host (which must match the SSL issued to value):

3. Assign the new certificate to the web sites

Go to the “Service Manager Portal” web site, click on “Bindings…”, edit the https binding and select the newly created certificate:

Go to the “SCSMWebContentServer”web site, click on “Bindings…”, edit the https binding and select the newly created certificate:

4. Verify/Change the Content Server web.config file

Ensure that the “ContentHostAbsoluteUri” setting in web.config file also uses the FQDN:

After those changes and an iisreset, the portal worked for me:

3 thoughts on “Service Manager 2012 Self Service Portal not working (blank)

  1. Thank you for useful article buddy ..
    its works in server side but still same issue ( blank ) in end users PC. if you can helped me i will be appreciated ?

  2. Hi,

    I have same issue but the problem is I don’t have SSL define.

    Until now, the page still blank even I installed already the Microsoft Silverlight 🙁

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