About that new Operations Manager version next year

By now, you should have seen already some blog posts about the new SCOM version (2012 or whatever it will be called in the end). Here are some bits I am particularly excited about:

  • There is NO Root Management Server anymore! I think this one will make a lot of people happy. R.I.P. R.M.S.
  • Agent and Server Pools: I’m really looking forward to this one. Instead of monitoring web pages from a single watcher node you can have a pool of nodes watch an URL. If a node is failing another node from the pool will pick up.
  • Outside In Monitoring: every company offering publicly faced web applications right now has – most likely – already some outside in monitoring service like Gomez in place. SCOM vNext will also have a similar service on board. It’s nice to see some serious competition in that area since gomez isn’t exactly cheap.
  • J2EE Monitoring: The X-Plat area will be covered more and more. Very nice and exciting news!
  • Azure Monitoring: Still trying to figure out how Windows Azure will impact IT business over the next few months/years. Nice to see this one on board as well.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. I’m also very excited about all the UI changes (WPF?), extensibility (also regarding UI?) and stuff for authoring (custom modules?). How the hell should I survive the next 12 months…

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